Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rockaway Beach and Riis Park - Hurricane Sandy's Destruction

In the aftermath of the brunt of Hurricane Sandy's massive storm on the New York metropolitan area, I had a chance to get out and take some video footage of Rockaway Beach and Riis Park.  

Last night the Atlantic Ocean and it's 7 to 10 foot swells roared past the sand beach, crashed into and destroyed the concrete or brick sea walls, and then continued toward Jamaica Bay.  As it did, with the streets drowning with the Atlantic - some areas of Riis and Rockaway had water levels as high as 9 feet high - anything and everything that got in its way was destroyed. 

Combining this devastation that clearly has destroyed an enourmous amount of homes is the tragedy that occurred last night in Breezy Point, Queens - where at least 80 homes burnt to ash in wake of a wind-fueled electric fire. 

The destruction that hit this beautiful penninsula of Queens was tremendous.  In the coming days there will be an assortment of fundraisers to help those that have lost so much.   Please do what you can to help others.