Monday, October 22, 2012

Joel Walter: One of New York's Best Matrimonial and Family Law Attorneys

When I look at my life's blessing, one of the immediate things that comes to mind is the wonderful friendships I have created over the years with some truly remarkable women and men.  One of these special friends, who I have had the privilege of sharing a great deal with, is my dear pal New York City based attorney Joel Walter, who not only is an extraordinary man and model citizen, but Joel Walter is one of the best family law and child custody attorneys practicing in New York.

For those of  you who may not know of Joel's tremendous work protecting children at risk of international parental child abduction, and his work as a board member of the I CARE Foundation, I am pleased to share that under Joel's guidance, the I CARE Foundation has been highly successful in assisting kidnapped children reunite with their targeted parents while also playing a significant role in preventing a large number of children from being taken.
It was a great honor to obtain a beautiful American Flag this past friday that was flown over the United States Capitol at the request on United States Senator Gillibrand in honor of Joel Walter and his selfless effort to help children and their parents targeted for abduction.  If anyone is deserving of such a high honor, it is Joel Walter.

 In addition to assisting directly in abduction related cases, Joel's work in creating legislative initiatives that the I CARE Foundation is carefully working on will, when passed, one day prevent a very large number of children from abduction.  In addition, his work on creating I CARE's international child abduction case law data base, when complete, will assist all stakeholders in their efforts to protect children.

Incredibly, Joel Walter's volunteer activism in the name of children is what is right about good lawyering.  I am personally humbled by the efforts of a highly skilled litigator whose practice primarily focused on complex federal cases as he has worked tirelessly in the name of children.  Undeniably, parents and at-risk children of abduction are better served due to Mr. Walter's efforts.

How good of a lawyer is Joel Walter when it comes to international parental child abduction? Well, let me say this: he was the first person I turned to when I was Chasing The Cyclone.