Friday, October 26, 2012

Peter Thomas Senese: Speaking At The United Nations and then Receiving An American Flag Flown Over The U.S. Capitol

Over the course of four weeks, I have been a part of several truly humbling, remarkable experiences including having the opportunity on behalf of the I CARE Foundation to participate in the United State's Mission to the United Nations International Visitor Leadership Program.  

This remarkable privilege was then followed by receiving an ceremonial American Flag (5x8) that was flown over the United States Capitol in my honor due to my volunteer work trying to assist children and parents at-risk of international child abduction.

These honors do mean a great deal to me.  They are symbolic of the important work of the I CARE Foundation and our team that has spent a great deal of everything ... trying to make a difference.

Looking back at the promise I made during the time I was Chasing The Cyclone, and just how far we have come, I am pleased with our achievements, particularly the work we have been involved with in bringing children of abduction home.  However, it is in our successes that we are reminded that there is a great deal to still do.

Onward and upward ... we shall continue to push the mountain.